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Company kindergartens

The issue of company kindergartens has become very topical in recent years, especially after the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has undertaken to carry out reforms of pre-school education and training in regard to increasing birth rate and lack of available places in kindergartens.
Company kindergartens present a new opportunity in the Czech Republic of combining professional career and high-quality child care.


In February 2009 we opened the first company kindergarten of Raiffeisenbank called Žiraifka (loosely translated as Giraiffe in English), whose name was chosen by the employees themselves. Thanks to this ever-increasingly popular benefit a lot of qualified women employees of Raiffeisenbank return earlier to work from parental leave, which is a great benefit for the Bank too.

In February 2011 we opened another company kindergarten of Siemens in Prague-Stodůlky. The kindergarten programme is Czech-English and the staff consists of Czech teachers as well as native speakers.

The pedagogical concept follows from the latest European trends in pre-school education, guaranteed by a team of experienced and thoroughly trained teachers and native speakers.

We are currently operating four company kindergartens.

As the first company on the Czech market we offer you an opportunity to use the existing kindergartens throughout the Czech Republic for corporate clients or for establishing and running your own company kindergarten. The main advantage of the former means of cooperation is a guarantee of a free place during the whole school year, favourable payment terms and the possibility to book preferential places in the whole branch network of the company.

The latter represents a unique programme for companies employing more than 1,000 employees. Within three months we are able to execute a company kindergarten project in both the English as well as the Czech languages.


Since 2005 various companies have turned to KinderGarten, interested in setting up their own company kindergarten. This model is very popular in Western countries: in the long run this is the cheapest investment into education of children in a foreign language. It fundamentally contributes to creating personal relationships not only between parents-staff and their children.

A great advantage of running a company kindergarten is an early return of the parent to work. For the employees, this is a great and extra benefit. Children as young as 18 months can be admitted into KinderGarten company nursery schools.

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