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Become the owner of a KinderGarten branch

We are the first company on the Czech market to have offered a possibility to establish and run your own private kindergarten. As part of our medium-term plan to establish KinderGarten branches we offer the possibility to make use of our complex company background necessary to achieve these goals.

We are currently offering franchise in the following places: Hradec Králové, Plzeň, Jindřichův Hradec, Ostrava, Olomouc, Kutná Hora, Zlín and others.

An ideal candidate:

  • A subject interested in running a pre-school facility should have their own or rented premises suitable to run a pre-school facility for children
  • Training in the field of education and a business aptitude is a great advantage
  • A positive attitude to children and their education is a must
  • The necessary capital to invest at the start of business amounts to about 500.000 Kč

What you get:

  • Secure investment in education
  • Proven concept and “Know How”
  • You will be lent the “KinderGarten” brand, which stands for high-quality pre-school education of the biggest entity in the field of pre-school education in the EU
  • System checks, thanks to which you will avoid a number of traps and errors
  • High-quality framework education programme

Our support:

  • Guidance and cooperation in searching for the most suitable premises and area to run the facility
  • Services of an architect for the renovation project and entire dealings with concerned authorities
  • Recommending suitable equipment for the kindergarten
  • Staff required to run the facility
  • Training of staff
  • Increasing staff competencies by regular training
  • Franchise manual
  • Advertising support of a global brand as well as local branches using modern marketing tools
  • Graphic design and printing of leaflets
  • Marketing and administrative support by a strong background provided by KinderGarten headquarters

Opportunities for cooperation:

1. Do you intend to have your own business? Become the owner of your own branch:

Send us information about your plans and your chosen location.

We will provide you with the information necessary to start the franchise including the amount of capital, suitable location and premises.

2. Do you already own a pre-school facility for children?

We cooperate with individually-run kindergartens, thereby offering them the support of KinderGarten, a high-quality brand, opportunities to make themselves more visible, increase in prestige, stepping up advertising and connecting Know How and framework education programme with KinderGarten nursery schools.

For more information call: +420 776 003 003


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