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We offer a full service with the best quality and we are able to adjust it for the needs of each individual and his parents in our KinderGartens. All our teachers are chosen carefully and must meet our very strict and specific criteria. Only professionals with appropriate qualification in preschool education and longtime experience in teaching children of this age are working in our KinderGartens. There are at least two English speaking teachers in every class of which at least one is a native speaker.

In selected KinderGartens for the youngest children aged from eighteen to thirty months there are nurses specialized in preschool education. We are proud about the high-quality qualification of our staff, which attends regular training and additional courses (swimming instructor course, first aid course etc.).


The question of company kindergartens became a very topical subject in recent years especially after the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs of the Czech Republicundertook to carry out a reform of the preschool education and schooling regarding increasing birth rate and lack of free places in kindergartens.

Birth rate in 2007 increased to 1,44 child per woman (from 1,33 in 2006) and so the Czech Republic slowly started to climb the list in the birth rate statistics within the European Union. People born in during the 70´s are starting to have children now. There is huge lack of place in maternal hospitals, creches and kindergartens. Most creches for children up to three years were abolished in the past and it is nearly impossible or very complicated for a woman taking care of her small child to come back to work as well.

There are often not enough free places for older children and it is nearly impossible for children with a younger brother or sister at home to attend a preschool facility. On the other hand employers battle with the lack of qualified co-workers. Other substantial costs arise within many companies in connection with the search for a new employee and the training it takes in case of parent’s leaving for a “long-term“maternity leave.

Company kindergartens represent in the Czech Republic a new possibility on how to solve the problem of combining a career and first-rate care of a child. Although this concept is not anyhow preferred by the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs, it is however in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, already planning and preparing tax benefits for company kindergartens. People generally expect that the tax situation will clear up from January 2009 and various benefits regarding company kindergartens will be established.

As the first, once again in the Czech market, KinderGarten LLC offers the opportunity of utilizing the concept of English kindergartens for the corporate clientele. This concept offers the establishing and servicing of a Company KinderGarten. The main advantage of this cooperation is the possibility of guaranteeing a place for the duration of the whole school year, privileged payment conditions and a possibility to reserve a place in the branching network.

Another advantage in the case of a cooperation in a Company KinderGarten, is that we are able to deal with and implement an absolutely unique program for companies employing less than or more than a thousand employees. Within three months we are able to realize a project for the Company in English, Czech or a combination of the two languages, if needed.

A question of placing children into kindergartens becomes very common in connection with the prepared reform of the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs of the CzechRepublic. With the increasing number of children being born currently and the increase is expected to continue until till 2013. It makes sense to have in place a Company KinderGarten to facilitate this growth and assist the parents who work within these Companies.

As early as 2005, companies are turning to us and are interested in establishing their own KinderGarten using their own sources. The great advantage of such facilities is the development of the companies own identity. Children from babyhood are able to familiarize with the environment, products and services of the company where his parent or parents are working. This model is very popular in western countries and over the longer term time scale it is the cheapest investment made by the Company, not only in the child’s foreign language education but above all in the formation of its own “promotion“ and loyalty, for the co-workers who bear the positive support and use it as a reference.

Tax allowance for companies providing their employees possibility to place their children into company KinderGarten is just one of the many other advantages. Another advantage is the earlier comeback to work of maternity parents, being nearer to one’s child (e. g. for breastfeeding) and the saving of time with the transportation of the child to and from the KinderGarten. Employees take it as a great benefit which is well above the normal in a company and above the standard. A child can start to attend a state kindergarten from the age of three, but in most of them there is no regular free place. In the facilities of a KinderGarten a child from eighteen months can be placed and from September 2009 children from six months will be accepted.

The Pedagogical concept occurs with most of the modern European tendencies in dealing with preschool education. A team of experienced and thoroughly trained teachers, native speakers, nurses etc. is available after hours from our KinderGarten´s for (babysitting etc.) including on weekends and public holidays.

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