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Our vision

PLAY is our motto because playing is the most important thing children in preschool age should be doing. Through a playful form children are drawn into learning and all associated activities.

John Amos Comenius
Motto: School as play

Our vision is satisfied children and parents but also satisfied teachers who approach their work with responsibility and love. We offer to our clients high-quality services and an effective way of teaching their children. We always offer something extra. It is our company´s strategy to seek innovations and new impulses. At present, one of the new projects involves cooperation with the Centre of Giftedness and children´s Mensa.

Education objectives in our kindergartens aim at creating a foreign-language environment, which children soon begin to perceive as their own natural environment. Our programmes are for children of all nationalities from the age of 18 months to 7 years. We work on the assumption that an early start of foreign language learning is the best investment for the future of your child. According to a number of studies this form has proved more effective and at the end less financially demanding than later language courses or one-year stays abroad. We also place quality over quantity: a Czech teacher together with a native speaker have proved to be a successful combination leading to an ideal introduction to a foreign language.


We develop intellectual and creative skills from an early age and that is why we offer parents a range of activities for the development of their children´s abilities and talents. Our kindergarten not only offers various activities (drama, motion and art activities, yoga, Zumba, ceramics, Good Start Method, playing the recorder and others) but also varied extra activities (golf, tennis, horse riding, visiting a salt cave, speech-disorder prevention, themed trips and visits to theatre and so on).


We offer a high-quality and balanced diet throughout the day specially prepared for preschool children. We will be happy to provide your child with a suitable diet in case of individual requirements or food allergies (gluten-free or vegetarian meals).


Drinking regime is very important and we ensure it throughout the day. Children are offered unsweetened drinks (such as fruit or black tea), still water or squash.

HEALTH WEEK also known as Prevention Week

Twice a year we offer children regular check-ups with specialists (psychologist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, eye examination and others). They look after the right development of each child.


The kindergarten stays open during summer holidays too. Summer holiday programme full of entertainment, games, competitions and trips aims at all children from the age of 18 months to 7 years of age. This can be a great advantage especially for the parents of those children, whose kindergartens stay closed during summer holidays.


Due to strict criteria we impose on all the premises our kindergartens are established in premises that are either new or have been entirely renovated. Teaching takes place in a quiet environment of a villa with its own garden, in which swings, slides and climbing frames are installed. All the classrooms are furnished in a modern style. The overall design of all interior adaptations aims at your child feeling in the most natural way. Creating a family atmosphere in the premises help children a lot to adapt to a new environment, friends and teachers. Each child has his/her own space in the kindergarten where they can store their toys and personal things. We believe that your children will feel happy during their time at the kindergarten thanks to our individual approach.


We were the first in the Czech Republic to offer an extra iCare System service to our clients. This enables our clients to watch their children online in the common areas of the kindergarten. The visual contact is absolutely safe. In all our kindergartens a web camera is installed helping parents not to lose control over their child when he/she is at the kindergarten. We recommend the use of this service to parents whose children have not spent time in a group before. It gives a chance to all parents to decide whether they have made the right decisions: whether their children are laughing, playing and have friends around. This web broadcast serves as a significant indicator during the first weeks and months.

All parents have a specific code to log into the system and they can watch their children´s activities online throughout the day. This web application also provides parents with up-to-date information about their children.

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