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illustration photoKinderGarten English preschools were the first project of the KinderGarten Company in 2005. In all the KinderGarten branches we offer high-quality education programme in the English language, extra activities and a summer holidays programme.

The educational aim of our KinderGarten preschools is to create a foreign-language environment, which the child begins to perceive as natural. In KinderGarten nursery schools all the communication is held in English. The programme is aimed at children regardless of their nationality and their knowledge of the English language, from the age of 2 to 6 years.

Children are divided in the classes according to their age groups and the educational programme is adapted accordingly. Owing to a small number of children to a teacher, teaching is very effective and children lacking any knowledge of English will soon find their way around the language. 

Our teachers regularly attend expert seminars and courses run by the Centre of Giftedness.

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