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Preschool Academy - Brno Židenice

English preschool with native speakers
Preschool Academy is a private English preschool which offers programs for children from 18 month to 6 years during the whole year including summer holiday. All education is only in English language provided only by qualified teachers and native speakers. Children get used to foreign language environment at us very fast and thus perceive English as natural form of communication. Thanks to quality program and staff, the Kindergarten preschool chain was several times selected as a preschool of the year.

Family villa surrounded by greenery
Our preschool is situated in a family villa with a large garden in a quiet quarter very close to the Brno city centre. In the summer time children can use not only a sandpit, swings and seesaws but also a swimming pool and trampoline. In this way, they can spend their summer time outside under the treetops.


Preschool fostering children's talents
We are the first preschool in Brno that works with the methodology of Gallup Institute recognized all over the world. Thanks to individual and positive attitude, we foster talents of children and their development. We are inspired by the philosophy where principal values are respecting ourselves, children and adults, interest in friendship, kindness, helping others and politeness. Then, children can feel more comfortable, patient, calm and secure. Such an approach enables children to be happier and more successful in the future.

Daily program
We have altogether three classes divided according to the children's age with special space for the little ones. Daily program comes in many teachings blocks. We use rhymes, songs and we help to remember the new words with movements. Thus, we help children to feel the different language as a mother tongue. In the classes we teach different themes, we learn numbers and alphabet. We use games, pictures and books and a lot of various kinds of teaching.
Speech-language pathological prevention is part of teaching and children go for regular medical checks (with ophthalmologist, psychologist, stomatologist).

Activities and hobby groups
We offer to our children numerous after-school activities. Trainers of dance, music, sport or drama education regularly visit our preschool. Every day, children perform scientific experiments and can attend a tennis prep as well as a special prep called Mental Supremacy Training. The training is very beneficial for them since it influences their ability to focus, it increases physical and mental resistance not only in sports but also in daily situations such as, for instance, starting school attendance which might be stressful.

School Bus Service
As the only preschool in Brno, we provide the School Bus Service. We collect the children in the surrounding areas and drop them off at the preschool in the morning. We use the bus also for safe transport of children for trips, to the theatre or other activities outside the preschool premises. Both children and parents are grateful for this service.

Safety and supervision
We also provide the iCare system, where you can watch what's going on at the preschool through a web camera. We recommend this service to the parents particularly in cases when the child has not been in a group of other children yet.





Starting from 2015, we started to corporate with the Mensa Club of Czech Republic. The table game Desk Club is ready here at our kindergarten twice a week, come and join us! :-)


POLICE OF CZECH REPUBLIC visiting our KinderGarten:-)

On 8.4.2015, The police Unit is comming to visit our KinderGarten Children to explain them the safety rules and show all equipments they work with :-), Exciting!!!



Afternoon full of Mensa Club logical games - twice a week at our Kindergarten


School Olympic games

28.7. we organized summer Olympic games with 5 sport disciplines. It ll be tough!!! :-D


1.4. 2011 we welcomed new Moles teacher

Her name is Conchita Bacaro and she´s from Filipines.