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Our KinderGarten Budějovická branch belongs among private language kindergartens in Prague to have obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. This accreditation certifies operation in safe and healthy premises, approved for that purpose by a relevant building office too. It also certifies professional educational staff and a high-quality School education programme.

We enrol children from as early as 2 years of age. We offer you a minimum number of children per teacher and we take pride in a kind and individual approach to children. iCareSystem has been installed in each classroom giving you the opportunity to follow what is happening in the kindergarten.

Children spend all the day at play here because play is the most important thing children of preschool age should be doing. Through play they are drawn into learning English and all other accompanying activities. We guarantee quality over quantity and the staff combining a Czech teacher with a native speaker is an ideal way to get introduced to a foreign language.

We are a language kindergarten focusing on teaching of English to children from the age of two to six years. We place children in groups not only by age but also by their social maturity. We start each day with a morning exercise followed by a morning circle. Teaching begins in accordance with the KinderGarten Education programme, thematically divided into individual months - weeks. English songs and rhymes are a natural part of the morning circle.

The second block consists of art, work or music activities important for the overall development of children (developing graphic motor skills, speech skills and so on). Drama plays an inseparable part in these activities - playing the theatre, rhymes and songs.

Walking in the surrounding area or staying in our garden is part of the morning programme. The garden has been purpose-designed and contains elements for play.

In the afternoon children take part in activity groups, led by experienced KinderGarten teachers or external teachers. These activities include drama, music and sports groups, ceramics, visits to a salt cave, pony riding, tennis, yoga, cooking club, readers club, etc.

We have also started Mensa club as part of our afternoon activities, where children develop their potential, skills and talent though play. We play board games from Mindok and Albi recommended by the Centre of Giftedness of the Czech Republic.

In our daily programme for preschoolers we have included preschool club - Good Start Method and Písmáčkovy úkoly, which aims at preparing children to start primary school.

For more information call: + 420 608 914 433




Interactive board

Interactive board


Last remaining spaces available at our pre-school!

Last remaining spaces available at our pre-school!


Last remaining spaces available at our pre-school!

There are a few remaining spaces available at our pre-school for the next school year!


Petřín Trip

On Thursday 25th August we will visit the Petřín observatory and if the weather allows, we will have picnic in the park!


Loučeň Castle Trip

On Friday 12th August we will visit the Loučeň castle. The children will have a lot of fun in the labyrinths and mazes.