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Teaching English to preschool children

Many parents already know that by the Framework Educational Plan (FEP), and that the teaching of English language has become a compulsory part of education in primary schools. Some children will be introduced to English in third grade at elementary school as their first foreign language ever.

But isnt it too late to acquaint a child with a foreign language in the third grade? At this age, he or she might understand English as a subject and not primarily as instrument of communication.

Let´s consider foreign language in the environment of private kindergartens,
where the teaching of English is often part of the daily schedule.
Imagine learning a foreign language in a natural way. At home, you speak
(with your family) in your native language and at school you speak with your teacher in their native language - English. You naturally learn to understand certain words and phrases and then how to respond to them like a native speaker. Later, you will even dare to start your own conversations and, moreover, with a teacher’s help, you will expand your vocabulary in daily natural situations or during the learning process, which is also governed by the education plan in private nurseries and kindergartens.
You will learn to use a foreign language, therefore, not because you want a good mark, but because you need to communicate. This is exactly how you would learn it in a bilingual family or abroad.

You might think that it can’t be that simple - but that’s exactly how it works!

And many children who have tried this method of learning English and their parents who believe in being exposed to a foreign language as early as preschool would testify to this truth.