Praha 10 Třebešín

Hobby clubs

Afternoon Activities and Clubs are held regularly each day between 15:00-16:00. The length of the class is adapted to the age of the child. Activites and Club overview

Art club

In our art club, children learn all kinds of different techniques such as: tempera painting, drawing with ink and charcoal, sketching, and using soft pastels and oil pastels. Children learn how to express themselves creatively and use their imaginations. Art club helps children develop their skills in: the imagination faculty, fantasy and how to focus while using art medium. Children learn to think fearlessly about their original ideas and how to create spontaneously.

Sport club

This club is organized and prepared in a way that children learn how to love sports though the following types of exercise: stretching, movement games, core strengthening moves, running, and various coordination exercises. The sport club also includes yoga where the children learn new asanas, breathing techniques, and mediation.

Music club

Children learn the rhythm and improve the movement coordination. They clap, use Orff's instruments, learn short choreography or dance. Teacher usually plays guitar or keyboards. The music club is conducted by a native speaker or a Czech teacher. Children will learn classical Czech and popular English songs.

Cooking club

Cooking club is very popular. Children practice fine motor skills, they cut, measure, taste and sort. Children are very excited to offer their parents a bite and show their chef skills. We lead our children to healthy lifestyle.

German club

The German club aims to convey the basics of the German language and its use in communication. All learning activities are carried out with ease and fun. The most common are didactic games, which are the most natural for children. German thus joins the two languages in our kindergarten.

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