Praha 4 Branik Smarties


Smarties language school is accredited by the Ministry of Education and offers several programs, including special price packages for children 2 to 7 years.

Monthly school fees:

Full day programHalf day program
5 days a week14 400 Kč5 days a week12 400 Kč
3 days a week12 400 Kč3 days a week  8 400 Kč

In case you exceed ordered program within the day, you will be charged CZK 250 for each additional hour (applies to half-day programs).
In case you exceed ordered program within the week you will be charged CZK 650 for each additional half day and CZK 850 for a full day.

School fees include

- Eng-Cze educational program approved by Ministry of Education (MŠMT)
- English study with native speaker every day 
- Activities: gym, yoga, cooking lessons, climbing wall
- Twice a month - logopedy
- Thematic events with parents (Halloween, Christmas, Eastern workshop,etc..)
- Medical checks by the specialist
- Trips, theatre, zoo, various exhibitions


  • 2x snacks (10:00, 15:00)
  • Lunch – 3 course menu
  • Drinking regime

Fee: 105 CZK per day

Dining fee is charged according to reality and ordered (not in time cancelled) meals. 
Cancellation is required until 12:00 of previous day. 

Reduced school fee:

Program3 months
discount 5%
6 months
discount 10%
12 months
discount 15%
Full day program 5 days a week41 040 Kč77 760 Kč146 880 Kč
Half day program 5 days a week32 490 Kč61 560 Kč116 280 Kč
Full day program 3 days a week32 490 Kč61 560 Kč116 280 Kč
Half day program 3 days a week18 240 Kč34 560 Kč65 280 Kč

Further reductions:

Siblings discount10 %

Discounts are not cumulative, the client can use only one of them.

Use of school space – Birhday parties, celebrations ...

Use of school space for birthday party, etc...800 Kč per hour

For such an event. School is available after opening hours and on weekend.


- Monthly fee is invoiced at the begining of the month
- 3 months, 6 months and yearly school fee is invoiced in advance for chosen period
- Dining is charged according to reality each month
- Cancellation of mealse in case of illness or other reasons of absence needs to be done 1 day in advance until 12:00AM othewise it is charged

- School fee is invoiced in 12 monthly payments during the calendar year and reflects 248 days of scholl program and is not connected to number of attended days in certain month

School and dining fees are refunded upon corrective tax document issued 15 days after last day of month when absence took place.

Payment methods: Bank transfer or cash.

All above published fees include applicable VAT.

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