Praha 4 Branik Smarties

School premises

The school building is fully adapted for various activities with the children.

We have separete class room, craft room and bedroom with their own bathroom. Class room is spacious, carpeted, meets the group and individual activities for children. It is equipped with toys, physical education and relaxation utensils and didactic material.

School have following spaces available:

  • spacious cloakroom
  • dining room
  • bathroom
  • main classroom with piano (partly carpeted)
  • craft room
  • bedroom – used for afternoon nap, relax
  • terrace 
We are based in quite environment of Prague 4 - Braník since the end of 2011.

For children is ready renovated building with a garden that meets all hygienic requirements for facilities and operations according to Decree No. 410/2005 Coll., No. 137/2004 Coll. and No. 268/2009 Coll.

Children well being is OUR PRIORITY.

Our school not only meets the standard safety conditions, but we offer a wide range of premium serivece such us:
  • The whole property is fenced
  • Medical doctor (pediatrician) is within a reach
  • Children are released only to authorized persons
  • We have secured electric sockets
  • Certified garden equipment
  • School is equipped with fire extinguishers
  • Quiet residential area of Braník
  • We pay high attention to the security of children on trips and events
  • Entrance ot school is separate to two zones „clean“ and „dirty"

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