Dear parent,

if you are considering to put your child to Benice Kindergarten, let me speak about my own experience. I put my daughter to Kindergarten when she was 1.4 years to their youngest group. Surely, I was very nervous. A lot of moms will relate to this feeling. Luckily, it turned out the adaptation process was more stressful for me than for my daughter. In several weeks she got used to her new regime. Now it’s been a year that she goes to kindergarten regularly and she actually looks forward to it! Believe me, I look forward as well, especially after the weekend :) My daughter enjoys the local routine very much. She learned to wash her hands and mouth, put on clothes, draw pictures, work with kid’s scissors, differentiate colors, dance, clean up toys after herself, make friends, and enjoy walks in the nature.

There hasn’t been a day that my daughter would want to go home when I come to pick her up. She always wants to stay a little longer and show me around. I can see she feels as a little boss here. She knows things here, I don’t :) “Come mama, see the toys, see the beds, see the tiny cute sinks and toilets, check out what we made by hand today”. I feel that she enjoys this little world created for her by staff. 

If you are choosing a kindergarten for your kid, Benice Kindergarten is a wonderful choice. I greatly appreciate the teachers’ work and the support they give me in my parenthood.

Kateryna B.

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